Update: Cinema for the Ears 2014 is coming up - April 7 - mark your calendars!
Cinema for the Ears is a concert of electroacoustic music at LSU
featuring the ICAST 27-speaker diffusion system

many days until the Cinema for the Ears concert.
April 7, 2014
at the new LDMC theater
Cinema for the Ears is a concert series of spatialized sonic art. The performance is achieved by diffusing sound recordings across a large array of loudspeakers, taking advantage of the room's acoustics, size and shape of the loudspeakers, and directionality of the speakers. Through this process of diffusion, we are able to enhance the recorded music and articulate its key elements.

c’est un cinéma pour l’oreille …
né des noces de la radio et de la musique
– François Bayle
To assist us in the process of diffusion, we have created a 27- channel loudspeaker array known as the Immersive Computer-controlled Audio Sound Theatre, or ICAST. This sound system enables musicians to diffuse sound across large number of discreet speakers using intuitive controls and technologies. The system uses a client/server software created at LSU that links the mixing station and the audio servers with interface controls such as a TASCAM fader board or an iPad. 

ICAST speaker setup
Pics from Cinema for the Ears 2011