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Annual ambisonic 72-channel concert is April 7 in new LDMC Theater

Annual ambisonic 72-channel concert is April 7 in new LDMC Theater

Posted by on Apr 3, 2014

Music by Jeffrey Albert, Danny Holmes, Trey Duplantis, Philip Schuessler Stephen David Beck, Rick Snow, Yemin Oh, Kari Besharse Ben Taylor, Zak Berkowitz, Jesse Allison, and Edgar Berdahl.

Cinema for the Ears on April 7

Cinema for the Ears on April 7

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014

Our annual massively multi-channel concert, Cinema for the Ears, approaches! We are tremendously excited for this year’s concert, which will be the first to use our new 72-channel sound theater at the brand new Louisiana Digital Media Center. The concert will feature multi-channel works by undergraduate students, graduate students, professors, and visiting artists. Mark your […]

EMDM Students @ NSEME

EMDM Students @ NSEME

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014

EMDM graduate and undergraduate students presented this March at the national conference NSEME (National Student Electronic Music Event) held at Georgia Southern. Trey Duplantis showed his installation “Goodness Gracious” which is a version of the video game Galaga that is played by a piano. The artwork was written in the Processing programming environment. Will Conlin […]


A few of our principal research areas

Physical Computing Physical Computing

Embedded Instruments, Hardware Hacking, Sound Art

Sound Spatialization Sound Spatialization

Perform ambisonics in our 72-channel sound theater

Mobile Music Mobile Music

Networked Interfaces, Musical Apps, iBeacons, Web Audio, Node.JS

Recent EMDM Projects

Mobile apps, web instruments, and sonic installations by EMDM students and faculty

About EMDM
The PhD curriculum in Experimental Music & Digital Media (EM/DM) is designed to prepare students to be composers, performers or music researchers whose work explores music technology, digital media and experimentation in either professional or academic settings. Graduates will also be prepared to teach electroacoustic music, digital media and music technology at the college-university level.
LSU is home of the networked Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana (LOLs), and is currently forming the Louisiana Mobile App Orchestra (LMAO).

Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana

We hold an annual sound spatialization concert in our 72-channel Meyer sound theater, using live mixing and OSC control of ambisonic panning.

Cinema for the Ears

EMDM students participate in outreach programs to teach digital music, web audio, and electronic instrument building at local high schools.

EMDM Academy

Students @ EMDM

Featured graduate and undergraduate students

Trey Duplantis Trey Duplantis

Born in New Orleans and raised in a number of southern locales, Trey Duplantis is Louisiana State University’s first undergraduate student in Experimental Music and Digital Media. he is interested in creating new musical interactive experiences that bridge the gap between musical performance and gameplay. He also creates fixed media works that draw inspiration from Pierre Schaeffer, Denis Smalley, and J Dill. His recordings can be found here.

Yemin Oh Yemin Oh

Yemin Oh is a composer who is always looking for fascinating and captivating music. His main interests lie not only in acoustic music composition, but also in visual music, electro-acoustic composition and interactive multi-media work. His pieces incorporate his aesthetic aim into blending visual elements and live electronics into instrumental music. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Experimental Music & Digital Media at Louisiana State University. Previously, he graduated Kyunghee University and University of Hartford for a B.M. and G.P.D. in music composition, and Georgia Southern University for an M.M. in music technology. His works have been selected and invited to present at several music concerts and conferences.

Zak Berkowitz Zak Berkowitz

Zak Berkowitz is a composer, media artist, and percussionist currently pursuing his PhD in Experimental Music & Digital Media at Louisiana State University. He received his Master of Music degree in Music Technology from Georgia Southern University, where he studied primarily with Dr. John Thompson and taught audio engineering and electronic music production. He was awarded a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Performance from New Mexico State University, where he studied percussion with Dr. Fred Bugbee and Dr. Ed Pias.

Zak’s work has been presented at recent festivals and conferences including the Linux Audio Conference, ICMC, Channel Noise at Georgia Southern University, the New Mexico State University Contemporary Arts Festival, and SEAMUS.